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About us

As you may have figured by now, we are not the type of people to sit around idle.  We always like to have multiple irons in the fire (so to speak)!  Below you will find a number of things that keep us busy.  We have a Real Estate business that operates in two different markets across TX.  We have a travel business that can help with any travel or event planning you need, but our favorite part is working with our friends, and clients to  book lifestyle friendly resorts and cruises.  Another aspect you may find entertaining and maybe a little informative is our podcast.  Over the years we have listened to may podcasts out there and realized how much we learned and thought we should give back and let you hear our experiences from our travels across this planet.  Not even close to last, but you will see that we are affiliated with a number of vendors like SDC and Sub-Shop not to mention a line of our own merchandise you can get to help support our adventures.

Our Story

Well, you asked for it... check out the you tube video below to find out how it all began.

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