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Surprise Bday !!

Below is some info on where and what-

We live in Mountain Lodge and the address to our home ‪is:

23707 Morning Fog San Antonio, TX 78258. (google map above and links below)

The gate code to enter the neighborhood is #1801.
Here is a google link to our house: Bones Backyard‬
Here is an apple map link to our house: Bones Backyard 

keep in mind we live here and have neighbors with children, so please respect that.

Rules/House Info:
-We will have towels, condoms, mood lighting, trash cans and water available in each room.
-We have 4 playrooms and a "fun" room , 3 full bathrooms. The only area we would say please do not play is outside the front door.
-NO GLASS bottles or containers of any kind, we don't want any broken glass anywhere especially by the pool or hot tub.
-IF you mess it up please clean it up, just because we are hosting, doesn't mean we want to be your maid (french maid services cost extra), lol! We want to have fun too.
-If you need something you will have to ask one of the hosts, if you can find us 

We hope everybody plays and has fun, there is NO expectations to play, absolutely no pressure, just have fun.  We do consider this a DTF party, but please respect everyone's wishes, boundaries and just simply be a decent person.
Any issues please grab one of the hosts no matter what any of us are doing and we will help.
Any questions, special requests or comments please reach out to us at ‪210-248-8428 via text and one of us will get back to you shortly.
We are on a cul de sac street, but we have plenty of parking in our driveway, so please feel free to use as much of the driveway as you can. If you are worried about blocking someone in, ask us and we will let you know if that is ok.  

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