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Episode 1 - Who drug who?

Episode 1 - Who drug who? Well, sort of...

Who drug who into this crazy LS world we have so much fun in today!

Well, we finally made it happen. We launched the podcast. I know we have been talking about it for quite a while now and I bet some of you were thinking it would never happen. This is the first episode, so please take a few minutes out of your day driving around and give it a listen and let us know what you think. We could really use a lot of people listening and giving us a good review to get this kickstarted.

Oh yeah, like I said, this is episode 1 SO..... please be gentle. We will get better with time.




You know we are planning a trip? We are!

Come join us as we spend a week at the best resort on the planet, HEDONISM II (aka home)

follow this link and let us know if you want to join us - click here

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